The 2024 Wild Game Cook-off Is on at the Bha North American Rendezvous!

BHA chapters from across the country will travel to the Twin Cities this April to compete in a battle of culinary skill, creativity, and wit in the 2024 Wild Game Cook-off. Each team of two will have one hour to cook a wild game meal on a JetBoil Genesis System and wow the judges with their unique dish.

From butter poached sheep testicles to roasted rattlesnake on a cactus spear the Wild Game Cook-off weaves a legacy of epic flavors through the ever evolving lore of BHA. Don't miss this highly competitive (and delicious) event to find out who will leave their mark on the legendary red stag trophy and bring honor and glory to their chapter!

Cooking teams will each walk away with an awesome prize, thanks to our event sponsor, JetBoil.

Our Tech - Jetboil

When: Saturday, April 20th, 1:15 pm - 5:00 pm

Where: Lac La Croix Stage, Exhibit Hall B, Minneapolis Convention Center

Who: 12 participating chapters: Missouri, Oklahoma, California, Idaho, Washington, Indiana, Arizona, AFI, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, and the University of Minnesota. 

What: A Wild Game Cook-off between participating chapters, judged by an expert panel

Join us this April 19th at the Annual BHA North American Rendezvous to witness this epic battle of the best wilderness chefs and sign up to compete for your chance to be crowned Champion of the North American Wild Game Cook-off!


Cook-off Rules, Regulations and Details:


Cooking Tools Provided: JetBoil Genesis System *chapters may bring one additional pan if needed, and should plan to bring any utensils and plating materials needed. 



You will be judged on the following criteria with a score of 1-10, (1 being lowest & 10 being highest). Dish with the highest score wins. Judges will decide method of breaking a tie.

  1. Hosting – how you treat the judges 
  2. Dish Presentation – how it looks 
  3. Flavor – speaks for itself 
  4. Represents your Chapter's State/Province – how the ingredients reflect the table fare from your state/s or province
  5. Creativity – speaks for itself 
  6. Workspace Cleanliness


  1. Raw ingredients to start (exceptions – home cured meats from wild game, home canned sauces or broths, but these ingredients cannot be the main course)
  2. No precooking or prep work allowed 
  3. No professional chefs 
  4. Main ingredients must be representative of chapter state 
  5. Event is timed, and you must complete dish from start to finish in 1 hour
  6. Only 2 chefs can compete per chapter, with maximum of 12 chapters (one team allowed per chapter). One spot is reserved for our 2023 champion, Washington BHA. 
  7. Must use cooking equipment provided – you can use your accessories, i.e.: knives, forks etc., and may bring one extra pan
  8. Must provide enough food for 5 judges to sample, beverage pairings are recommended
  9. No domestic meat allowed 
  10. Extra points may be given for minimal use of store bought or commercially processed foods, and/or the incorporation of invasive species
  11. Any chapter team that signs up but does not attend will get pies smashed in their face.